Gift Certificate

Surprise the person you love the most with the sweet experience of pampering their skin! We offer you the opportunity to give them a genuine treat. With our exclusive gift certificate, they can redeem it for one of our top-tier facial treatments at our warm and inviting wellness center. It’s the perfect gesture to show how much you care about their well-being. Don’t wait any longer to make them feel special!

*Applies only in store.

Birthday Special

Experience the sublime combination of Deep Cleansing, the magic of our special ultrasound serum, and LED Light Therapy in a treatment that embraces and rejuvenates your skin with care. Not only do we detoxify your skin, but we also deeply nourish and hydrate it, awakening a cellular regeneration that radiates from within.

To make your experience even more unforgettable, we offer a gentle facial, neck, and hand massage – a perfect touch to make this moment truly special. By the end, you will look radiant and ready to celebrate.

And because we want you to feel pampered to the fullest, we have included charming decorations, a delicious cupcake, and a glass of wine that will turn your visit into an extra special moment filled with love and care.

PD: When you schedule your appointment with us, please remember to share the exciting news that you’re celebrating your special birthday. We will be delighted to pamper you in a very special way! 🎂✨

*Applies only in the store.

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